Raise Your Hand If You've Ever Struggled To Build An Offer.

You ask yourself...

What should I include?

How long should it run?

What are the payment options?

I've created a tool that will help you get all of the information out of your head and organized AF

so you can sell with ease!

Sales is a transfer of confidence, and if you’re struggling to remember what your offer includes or what the breakdown is for payment plans, your potential client is quickly losing confidence that you’ll be able to facilitate the transformation they desire.

With this easy-to-use guide, you’ll have every aspect of every offer outlined in no time at all. The MBA Product Suite Builder outlines every step of your offer so you can create with confidence.


The Product Suite Builder

This easy-to-use builder will help you create programs and offers your ideal clients are waiting to buy, with every single detail thought out and planned for.

Take A Look At What's Included:

  • The Product Suite Builder Template
  • Step-by-Step How-to Video Tutorial
  • Clarity and Confidence to Help You Make Sales Now

From here, you can use this builder to create amazing sales pages, with every detail thought out, or to have pulled up for sales calls in case a client throws you a curve ball or you’re struggling to remember your offer bonuses.

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